The Strategic Plan will drive a culture of continuous improvement and create an environment that connects employees to Howard University’s mission and reinforces the importance of focusing on strategy and measurable objectives which are rewarded with success.

Coupled with our mission to provide an educational experience of exceptional quality and our commitment to produce distinguished global leaders, we are embarking on a forward trajectory that positions Howard University as a model of excellence in academics and operations. "Howard Forward 2024” articulates attainable aspirations for a more sustainable future and outlines overarching priorities that we are uniquely positioned to address.

The notable trailblazing demonstrated by our alumni has birthed progressively improved iterations of excellence in our student body. We have long since competed with, and attracted top talent across the nation. As we move forward, we will continue to incorporate the tenets of diversity and inclusivity as integral components of our enrollment growth strategy.

Providing access, and facilitating affordability to a Howard University education, especially amongst communities of color, is paramount.

We are fully cognizant of the interplay between the corporate sector and the academy and our faculty is instrumental in developing relationships that ensure our graduates meet the demands of the increasingly complex 21st century workforce.

In the fall of 2017, and at the climax of our sesquicentennial year, Generation Z Bison entered Howard University hallways. Upon entry, they have predispositions of the conduits through which knowledge delivery takes place. Our innovative, modern educators must develop the skills to communicate with, and teach modern learners, while our technology must be robust and sliding edge to facilitate the same.

Our academic repositioning will yield interdisciplinary connections that are attributes of a contemporary education.

Howard University maintains a laser focus on performing exemplary, collaborative research that positively impacts our nation and the world. We will continue to be an anchor for our surrounding community - ever cognizant and responsive to the needs of our local citizens as a source of educational upliftment and economic empowerment.

Our strategic plan is ever-evolving, fluid and bold, enabling us to be responsive to market changes; and intentionally innovative, allowing us to create influential ripples in the higher education industry. The strategy is not meant to limit our imagination or to curtail our responsiveness to opportunities.

Rather, it is a document that culminates the ideas of the Bison family, and represents the static point from which we will catapult Howard Forward.

Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D., MBA
The 17th President of Howard University.

Howard Forward Strategic Plan Video