SVP Young Howard Updates

Rashad Young

The Office of the Chief Strategy Officer launched the Howard Forward data dashboard in 2021 to capture and showcase leading indicators associated with the implementation of the University's strategic plan. This dashboard allowed greater transparency and served as a public checkpoint for our students, faculty, and staff to gather more information on our status of moving Howard Forward.

Today, under the leadership of President Wayne A.I. Frederick, I am happy to announce Metrics 2.0., an enhancement of the original data dashboard through newly published key indicators, more historic data (where available), and refreshed interactive data graphics. With new maps showing the reach of our community impact through Alternative Spring Break and Day of Service, new visuals highlighting community engagement and our corporate partnerships to create new careerdevelopment opportunities for our students, Metrics 2.0. is an interactive model that highlights the University’s transformation through performance management.

Our goal was also to provide better storytelling, in both the interdependencies that contribute to the success of each pillar, and also to provide more contextual information that explains how data is captured, monitored and presented. For example, in the “enhance academic excellence” pillar, data is now presented that showcases a student’s journey at Howard. It begins with enrollment, then flows through retention rates, on to graduation rates, and closes with post-graduation and employment data. 

The creation of new metrics, like “on time payment” and “improved University credit rating,” were made possible by the data driven collection and planning efforts of Howard staff and faculty. The Institutional Research and Assessment Office has been a valued partner in the gathering of data and ensuring its accuracy. The Office of the Chief Strategy Officer will continue to collect and build on metrics related to Howard Forward. Metrics 2.0. has been a collaborative effort from offices across the University, and we will continue to collect and build iterations of Howard Forward’s strategic plan visuals. 


Rashad Young 

SVP Chief Strategy Officer