Strategic Planning Process

A Collective Culmination of Ideas.

Stakeholders in a Strategic Planning Meeting

The pace of today’s market dictates the need for Howard University to be agile and compelled to move forward, faster.

The initial Framework Committee began the important process of developing the backbone for the strategic plan. This included:

  • Outlining the strategic planning process,
  • Hosting focus groups with internal stakeholders,
  • Facilitating community engagement activities with stakeholders, and
  • Conducting a survey, administered to a subset of faculty, staff, students and alumni to solicit their input.

The Framework Committee expanded its efforts to include stakeholders from a broader cross section of the campus. Iterative input was solicited on the strategic priorities and the initiatives that would be undertaken to realize the same.

The strategic plan will drive a culture of continuous improvement and create an environment that connects employees to Howard University's mission and reinforces the importance of focusing on strategy and measurable objectives which are rewarded with success.

The rewards are incremental, quick wins to materialize into large gains so our campus community reaps both immediate and sustainable benefits.

Howard University has a rich history of responding to the needs of our community and higher education. For 150 years we have prioritized building a culture of academic excellence and rigor, while infusing service into our culture.

Our collective efforts and combined expertise will allow us to realize the ambitious goals and priorities before us. In doing so, we will ensure a vibrant and sustainable institutional future that is focused on providing excellent service to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and broader community.

Execution of the strategic plan will be an ongoing process to monitor, review and update the campus community on the progression of our results. There will be monthly dashboard reporting, quarterly and annual strategic reviews, including assessments and group meetings for plan review.

The aforementioned actions of the campus community will afford us the opportunity to propel the success of our institutional priorities and achieve long term sustainability for Howard University.

Howard Forward 2019 – 2024 was approved by the Howard University Board of Trustees in Spring 2018.