Inspire New Knowledge

Strategic Priority 2

Increasing the depth and diversity of research and scholarship is a major focus of President Frederick, the Board of Trustees, and the Howard Forward Strategic Plan. The number and size of externally funded research grants has grown dramatically in recent years, most recently surpassing projections for 2021 and on track to exceed $100 million in 2022. Howard University also continues to grow as a premier research institution, currently holding R2 ‘High Research Activity’ status from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. The university aims to achieve R1 ‘Very High Research Activity’ status by 2024, already outpacing the average R1 institution in conferral of doctoral degrees by nearly two-to-one.


Research Success for a Changing World

  • Increase the number of students who participate in study abroad experiences and high impact academic and extracurricular activities that expand thinking, promote diversity of thought, civil discourse and empathy.

Growing Research Capacity

  • Support opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation that produces 20% joint academic programs and research collaborations.

Augmenting Research Culture and Revenue

  •  Facilitate the commercialization of research and technology to increase overall contribution to $100M.

Expand Our Academic and Research Impact

  • Support research that addresses local, national and global health challenges through collaboration with STEM academic fields, such as biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering and computer science, and the social sciences.

Core Team

Bruce Jones, Ph.D.

Pillar Champion, Initiative Lead

Howard Forward: Inspire New Knowledge

Anthony K. Wutoh

Pillar Champion

Howard Forward: Inspire New Knowledge