Serve the Community

Strategic Priority 3

Howard University has a long and rich history of service on our campus and to our neighboring communities. In recent years, as part of the Howard Forward Strategic Plan, we have begun surveying students, faculty, and staff about community engagement and volunteer hours, calculating the value of that service based on Independent Sector’s Value of Volunteer Time for that year.

We have seen a rebound in volunteering this past year after the pandemic affected in-person activities, up ten-fold from 2020 for a total service value of over $350,000. The university continues to offer and expand opportunities for service, including our annual Day of Service and Alternative Spring Break. We also have grown our partnerships with external organizations for philanthropic and scholarship opportunities.


Strategic Corporate and Community Engagement

  • Develop effective models for industry and community engagement through expansion of Howard University's  Alternative Spring break and Day of Service initiatives.

  • Serve the District of Columbia through strategic and effective engagement and coordination with its citizens, businesses and K-16 institutions to enhance educational outcomes of Washington D.C.

  • Leverage relationships with Corporate partners to maximize job creation, train the workforce of the future and contribute to economic growth in Washington D.C.

Leaving a Positive Impact on the World

  • Progressively increase service opportunities and programs, tracking progress through development of a system that globally monitors service delivery by our students, faculty and staff to the public.

  • Increase alumni engagement that is demonstrated through philanthropic contributions and service to Alma Mater and their local communities. 

Core Team

Cynthia Evers

Pillar Champion

Howard Forward: Serve the Community