Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness

Strategic Priority 4

Howard University is committed to reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and operational systems and processes, seeking the best ways to save resources, reduce time, and improve quality. This includes evaluating efforts to improve hiring, contracting and procurement, and payment of vendors. Much like other organizations, the pandemic continues to affect the university’s ability to find qualified candidates and hire in a timely manner, as well as the supply chains and the turnaround time for procured goods and services. We did, however, make great strides in identifying monetary savings in our procurements – the university saw an over 70% increase in total savings from 2020 to 2021.


Operational Excellence & Compliance (inc. ERP)

  • Overhaul the enterprise resource planning system to streamline key processes and procedures, reducing the time to completion of key processes by 30%.

  • Regularly review the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative, operational and academic processes to ensure compliance with regulatory and governing agencies.

Campus Footprint and Sustainability

  • Reduce the campus’ carbon footprint and energy use by 20%.

  • Prioritize campus masterplan and align renovations and new construction with academic and research priorities.


  • Continue to improve the performance of the procurement function and implement industry best practices

  • Achieve financial sustainability through reduced vendor rates, competitively rebidding contracts, improving supplier management/contract management, strictly enforcing compliance to preferred vendors, University budgets and refined procurement policies and procedures

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Conduct campus-wide customer service training to improve the customer service experience for our students, employees and external customers.

  •  Engage the campus community to collaborate and share new ideas, methods and processes to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce costs and manage the assets of the University towards a sustainable future.

Core Team

Tashni-Ann Dubroy

Pillar Champion

Howard Forward: Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Rawle Howard

Initiative Lead

Howard Forward: Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Olga Osaghae

Initiative Lead

Howard Forward: Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness